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2008-01-09 16:31:49 by Scorch777

Trying to start to practice on getting on a level in which I just don't suck balls.
May take some time.

But we'll see.

Vocals, and whatnot

2007-10-07 09:41:26 by Scorch777

Well, today, I went out with friends and....


I've turned this sh*t into a blog!

Possibly working with someone.
Which is pretty sweet. I like the person's work, so I won't take the piss shit out of them.

Anyway, still looking for a vocalist for some of my future work.
Vocals always add a new dimension to songs, especially dance and constant-repeating songs, where it can get boring and crappy if you play the same beats for a minute or two. But if you change it too much, you'll end up with 10 mini-songs all mashed together.

So, to conclude.
I'm really wanting a vocalist to work with me here.

But, uh, seriously.
I did go out with some friends today.


Vocals, and whatnot

Scorch wants you!

2007-10-05 08:23:28 by Scorch777

No ones probably going to read this anyway, but I seriously hope I'm wrong.

I'm looking for a singer that can provide his own equipment.
You don't even need to be that good, just the ability to keep a steady voice and know how to keep to the beat.

And the equipment I'm talking about is simply just a microphone that doesn't let in too much background noise and any program that can record and make the file into a MP3 formatted sound file.

What I want to do, is make more of my tunes, but make them better by inserting self-recorded lyrics. It'd be good if you could write the lyrics, because I don't like writing things for other people. But, anyhow, I just wish to collab with you, and possibly do more than one track.

Let's make some music, biatch!
PM me if you're interested.

Nick L.


2007-10-03 23:25:29 by Scorch777

Why the frickin' hell are you looking at my profile for?

No one likes a stalker.

Yeah, I'm done.